Are You A Mary or a Martha?

Anybody remember that great story, Bread and Jam for Frances?  The story focuses on Frances’ desire to eat only bread and jam, for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.  And drama ensues when her parents grant her wish.  But for me what sticks out in the story is not Frances’ desires, but rather the description of her friend Albert and what he gets for lunch.

Albert “likes to have a good lunch:” cream cheese with cucumbers and tomatoes on rye, with a pickle and a hard-boiled egg (don’t forget the salt shaker!), a tangerine, grapes, a thermos full of milk, and “cup custard” for dessert (with spoon, of course).  I love the care and intentionality that Lillian Hoban uses to describe Albert’s apparent love of food as he sets out each and every item, delighting in their very presence in his lunch. 

As we hear the story of Mary and Martha this Sunday, I wonder if we could confess how often we become like Frances, stuck on what we like, whether it’s on our plate or even in our discipleship.  How often do we decide we’re a Mary, committed to kneeling at Jesus’ feet, or a Martha, a do-er in the name of God?  Could we learn just a little something from Albert–carefully setting out our options, worship, service, study, prayer, quiet, accountability, and on and on, delighting in all that is before us, before tasting and seeing just how good God is? 

I’ll see you on Sunday,

Pastor Heather

Rev. Heather R. Bailes Baker, Pastor

The United Methodist Church

57 Pond St, Osterville, MA 02655


A Reconciling Congregation

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