The stuff that defines us

Have you been to a funeral lately? One of the great privileges of my profession is to be present with people as they say goodbye to their loved ones and find some way to bear witness to their lives. I appreciate the time and thought that goes into choosing items to be displayed at their funeral or buried with them. I’ve seen golf clubs, medals, jewelry, knick-knacks, a beer, baking tools, comfy shoes, a flag, mementos serious and silly. Not once have a seen a bank statement.

What are the items, the pictures and things that define who you are?

This Sunday, we’ll listen in as Jesus settles a dispute between siblings arguing over the distribution of assets after a death. As usual, Jesus doesn’t answer the way they want him to, but he tells a story that invites them to live in a new way. We’ll listen in and then do our own wrestling. Are we living in such a way that our bank statement sums up who we are? Or is there more to our story? We’ll wrestle with the things we keep and the things that keep us.

I’ll see you on Sunday,

Pastor Heather

PS. Still settling in, I’m looking for recommendations. Pediatricians, doctors, dentists, vets, excellent restaurants, places to see, good coffee, I want to know. Email,, text or call, 774-994-3645. Tell me what you think is worth knowing on the Cape.

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