I’ll see you in September

Anybody else not quite ready for the end of summer?  Thank goodness that even as it draws to a close, we have a few days off with Labor Day weekend.  My kids went back to school for two days, and now parents and teachers get four to recover.  I like that kind of math.

The change in season means more: more work, more homework, more stuff to do, more places to be.  We could whine-brag about our full calendars.  Or we could see this as one more opportunity for a fresh start, and ask ourselves:  who do I want to be as a disciple of Jesus?  What new (old) habits feed my soul, ignite my heart?  What am I willing to add or remove from my calendar so that I can tend to my spirit?

Seems like the perfect time to come back to church!  Come and reset for the new year of wonderful worship, learning, growing becoming committed disciples of Jesus.  Come and rest awhile in the presence of God.

This Sunday, we’ll be exploring the entire book of Philemon.  Don’t worry.  From the “Dear Philemon” to the “Sincerely, Paul,”   this letter is only 25 verses long.  In his letter, Paul asks Philemon to free his slave Onesimus.  I wonder, what does this letter ask of us in the 21st century?  What does it ask of us on Labor Day weekend?  Let’s find out together.

I’ll see you on Sunday.  We’ll worship outside at 8:30 am for one last Sunday, weather and hurricane Hermine permitting.  Communion will be served at both 8:30 and 10am.  So, come rest, wrestle, and be fed by God at the table.

Pastor Heather

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