Keep it weird.

Have you seen the campaigns that have popped up in a variety of cities, inviting us to “Keep it weird.”  Apparently, Austin, TX started the trend with “Keep Austin Weird.”  Portland, St. Louis, and Santa Cruz have also had similar campaigns.  The idea is to support local businesses, musicians, and artists that keep the particular identity of a place alive, rather than “big box industry” that dulls and dilutes the unique flavor.

Our parable this Sunday, the story of the dishonest manager, is one of Jesus’  weirdest.  Human nature being what it is, countless scholars, teachers and preachers (yours truly included) have tried to explain away the discomfort.  And we’re left with boiled down, flavorless, moralistic teaching that says a whole lot more about us than it does about Jesus.  But, what if we left it weird?  What if we let the words of Jesus disquiet our souls, indeed even afflict us just a little?

I’ll see you on Sunday, for some discomforting , disquieting wrestling with a weird and wacky parable.  We might even have some fun.

Keep it weird!

Pastor Heather




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