Fun with fire alarms.

Thursday morning, our fire alarm system at the church stopped working.  Don’t worry, the Board of Trustees and our insurance provider are on it.  We’ll have a fully operational system on Wednesday.  Here’s the thing: it didn’t go quietly.  With a variety of aggressive beeps, sirens, lights and fault indications, it has been alerting us that we needed to do something.  And to be clear, the Trustees have been addressing it since July.  The system just died a few days short of the arrival of the solution.

Have you noticed how much of our tech these days alerts us a problem is coming?  My computer grinds to a snails pace when it needs a reboot.  Modern coffee pots tell you when they need to be cleaned or a filter changed.  The phone alerts us its battery is dying.  Sure it’s annoying, but it lets us know we need to do something.

Our gospel lesson this week tells the story of a woman who will not stop bothering a judge until he grants justice.  She is the smoke detector that won’t stop beeping in the middle of the night until it gets a new battery.  Jesus compares her behavior to prayer, and the judge to that of God.  I don’t know, but that image of my prayers, your prayers, pestering God is deeply uncomfortable.  I don’t want to be a bother.  What is Jesus up to?

Tomorrow, we’ll dive into the story and wrestle with what it means to bother God.  And just a heads up, there will be fire personnel in the building, ensuring we’re safe until our fire alarm is up and running.

I’ll see you in church,

Pastor Heather


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