Saints among us

All Saints is one of my favorite religious observances.  There’s candles, communion, great stories and grateful remembrances of wonderful, compassionate, courageous people.This Sunday, we’ll celebrate the saints of our lives, living and dead, who have shown us the grace and love of God.  We’ll give thanks to God for parents, grandparents, teachers, mentors, prophets and all of our guides along the way.  We’ll feast at God’s table, celebrating all who have gone before, all who have paved the way, all who are part of the story of God’s work in the world.

So, who are your saints?  Who peoples the pews of the church that has shaped you?  On Sunday, I’ll tell you the stories of the saints of my life.  I’d like to hear your stories too.

I’ll see you on Sunday,

Pastor Heather





2 thoughts on “Saints among us”

  1. My mother was my saint my dad left when I was in high school and she had to work long hard hours to support us she sent me to college and then when my husband had to go to Vietnam and I was pregnant with our fourth child she gave up everything to stay with me to help with the children and help me until he came home to meet his year old baby she was always there giving up everything to make our lives easier

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