This year, I’m grateful for…

This year, I’m grateful for a home to call my own, but more than that, I’m thankful for the people who fill it.  I’m grateful for curious questions, delighted laughter, and all the times that frame the day (breakfast time, computer time, play time and cuddle time.)  I’m grateful for public schools and yellow buses and all the adults who care for, teach, mold and encourage my children.  I’m grateful for gadgets and gizmos that make my life interesting and connect me in creative ways to people I know well and not at all.

I am grateful for co-workers and colleagues, committed to the work of the church be it bulletins, or facebook updates, paying the bills, crafting lessons, drafting teachers, or planning mission trips.  I am grateful for musicians who share their gifts, and choirs that rehearse.  I am grateful for freedoms beyond my counting, including the freedom to disagree every now and again.

I am grateful for friends and family and time and food to share with them.  I am grateful the smell of home, the river, the woods, the smoke from the chimney, the sticky buns in the oven.  I am grateful for hugs and handshakes, stories, and laughter, and welcome spoken in so many ways.

I am grateful for the work of the church, and the work of this particular body of the United Methodist Church.  I am grateful for nonconformity to unjust laws, and the election of lesbian Bishops, and the hope of new generations of United Methodists.  I am grateful for the years of mission of ministry, the legacy of saints, and the hundreds upon hundreds of people who have claimed the name Methodist and sown seeds of love in this community and beyond. I am grateful for courageous decisions, for risks taken, for grace and resilience beyond measure.  I am grateful.  For what are you grateful?

This Sunday, let’s be grateful together.  Let us give thanks in word, song, prayer, and spirit. Let’s celebrate God and God’s goodness that shows up in so many ways.  Happy Thanksgiving!

1 thought on “This year, I’m grateful for…”

  1. Heather, we are grateful for you as our new pastor, and for our loving and caring church family and for our three children and our six grandchildren.

    We thank God for all of this. In Christian Love, Sandy and Dick

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