Thanksgiving, life and living

Tonight we met to give thanks for the mission and ministries of The United Methodist Church in Osterville.  We worshiped, did the necessary business, shared with one another our thoughts and feelings, and feasted at God’s holy table.  God was there.

And while we met, while we shared, a small group of people met to support one another in staying sober, one day at a time. And God was there.

Amidst the business of the church, we spoke in small groups about the future of our nation, and our personal anxieties, and our fervent hope and prayer for peace. We sp0ke about things that weigh heavy on our hearts, and our fears for the days ahead.   God was there.

And while we met, a woman in a far off place, breathes her last, as her family surrounds her with love, and God’s grace envelops her as her battle with cancer ends.  God is there.

Later this week, we will feast with family and friends.  We’ll give thanks and celebrate.  We’ll speak of nothing and everything.  We’ll enjoy the gift of conversation and company.  God will be there.

And while we eat, others will go hungry, and refugees will still be homeless, and war and violence will continue.  And God will be there too.

That is the promise of our faith, God was, is, and will be present.  As we give thanks, as we do the work, as we reach out, as we fall short, God is there.  As our hearts ache, as we ask why, as we plead and bargain, as we fear and dread, God is there.  God is there.  God is there.

This week, may you be reminded whatever you face, God is there.  In gratitude, in grace, in grief, God is there.  In life’s darkest and most joyous, God is there.

It is an honor and a privilege to walk with you, as we remind one another that God is there–in us, through us, around us, and yes, sometimes in spite of us.  God is there.  Happy Thanksgiving.  Pastor Heather



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