Epiphany–Part 2

Last Sunday, John Greene told the story of Epiphany, describing the arrival of the wise ones, inviting you and me to learn to be wise ones too.  But did you know Epiphany does not end with the arrival, or even departure of the wise ones by another way.  Instead, Epiphany is a season running all the way to February 26th, or Transfiguration Sunday.

Why spend so long on what’s normally a footnote to Christmas?

Epiphany is the revelation of God in human form, Jesus.   It’s not all about the wise ones, but about what the wise ones recognized, Jesus is no ordinary child.  We’ll hear stories of Jesus’ baptism, and the beginning of his ministry.  We’ll take some time to explore how God revealed that Jesus was no ordinary man, but fully divine and fully human.  This Sunday, we explore the promise of God’s light in the world, promises fulfilled and still being fulfilled.  We explore how we as followers of Jesus are part of God’s epiphany work , revealing Jesus, by shining light in the darkness.

Sunday will be a day to give and receive gifts, as we share communion, and celebrate the people among us who serve God through our church with their prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness.  Join us for a potluck lunch at 11:30, as we give thanks and celebrate the wise ones among us who give of themselves for the glory of God.

I’ll see you on Sunday!

Pastor Heather

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