Sometimes we miss the meaning

You’ve heard it before, the debates over infant or believers baptism, and certainly the conversation about technique.  To sprinkle, pour or dunk these are the questions.  Since the baptism of Jesus, his followers have debated who should baptize, how, and when.  And even at Jesus’ baptism, there was a moment when John suggested that Jesus should be the one doing the baptizing.  I picture something like, “No, really, after you.”  Maybe this conversation, this moment of debate, should be part of the ritual itself, to help us pause, think and remember why we’re doing what we’re doing?

But what is Baptism all about? We United Methodists claim it as one of two sacraments, a tangible expression of the grace of God. Baptisms are one of the amazing perks of my job, to proclaim before the gathered community, “This beloved belongs to God.”  How awesome is that?  But, baptism isn’t about me at all.  It’s not about the work of the pastor, and all about the work of God.

This Sunday we will remember the baptism of Jesus as well as our own.  We’ll remember who and whose we are, and recommit ourselves to following Jesus in the coming year.  We will remind one another, “God loves you…and there is nothing, nothing, nothing you can do about it.”

Looking forward to Sunday,

Pastor Heather


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