Shining Stars at the UMC, Osterville

Researchers tell us what our mothers and grandmothers already knew, gratitude is good for us.  Thankfulness can help with anxiety, depression, and leads to happiness.  So, in these uncertain times, let’s give thanks for the people of UMC Osterville who share of their gifts, their times, and their selves to bless others.  May I present to you to the

Shining Stars of UMC Osterville, 2016.

The It’s Not Easy Being Green Award”  is awarded to R. Carlozzi and D. Eaton for the installation of the sod out front—improving the look of our church as you arrive out front.

 In a similar vein, we award the “Dirty Fingernail Award” to M. Weir, G. Greene, and S. Riedell for their work out front, in the chapel, and in our solarium, tending to flowers, raking leaves and keeping our décor seasonal and beautiful.

The Golden Shoe we award to S. Nelson for a break out, fresh idea for mission and ministry—and a whole lot of fun during Children’s Time in worship.

The Grace Under Fire Award goes to S. Bowen for her work coordinating communion, assuring that all are served, no matter what method is used, or how many people are in worship, or what the weather might be. She coordinates volunteers, set up, and even cleans up every time we share communion—and she does so with grace.

The “I’ll do it!” award goes to S. Dumaresq. If something needs to be done—she shows up, smiling, and ready to work. She is a force of nature as we set up and clean up after church events. Who will help me, you might ask. S. Dumaresq’s hand is in the air, “I’ll do it!”

The Buzz Cut goes to J. Greene and J. Chamberlain-Auger–for keeping our lawn at regulation length and the grounds looking gorgeous.

 The Loaves and Fishes Award: G. Bennett and S. Nickerson

G. Bennett coordinates our work at the miracle food kitchen. She makes sure we have enough: enough food, enough volunteers, and enough fun so that it flows through the kitchen out to the lunch room, so that all are served with joy and great, great dignity.

We award it to S. Nickerson for his creative work finding needs in our community and inviting us to respond—whether it’s breakfast food in January, or school supplies in August—he is conscientious about finding what the people of Cape Cod need and challenging us all to step up and meet the need.

The “Count Me In!” award goes to L. Taylor and L. Toler These two women show up, and they invite others to show up, offering their support the programs of our church in countless ways.

The Busking for Jesus Award goes to T. Cline for his willingness to offer his gifts for the sake of others. He writes and shares his own music, and inspired others to offer their musical gifts, so that our church could take a special offering of over $2000 towards medical expenses of the people in our congregation.

Mom’s Chicken Noodle Soup is awarded to K. Silvia and S. Grayson who just like mom, understand that food can comfort, and food can heal. These two women coordinate so many of you, to arrange food to comfort those in need: sick, and after funerals

The Sore fingers, Strong arms award goes to C. Bradbury— C. resigned as an usher this year, after handing out bulletins, welcoming our guests, and collecting the offering for many, many years.

The Jack of All Trades award goes to D. Sandell, lay Leader extraordinaire. He is stepping down as lay leader this year, after years of faithful service and leadership. D. Sandell has logged countless hours in meetings, offering his wisdom and advice to pastors, navigating difficult situations and conflict, and leading by example. He will continue his work as a Lend A Hand. He will also continue leading the Transition Team through July of this year.

Our last award is the Shining Stars of 2016 award. That we present to Mr. and Mrs. Grayson.

Here is the nomination from the Nickersons that so captures why the Graysons are Shining Stars.

“I would like to nominate Mr. and Mrs. Grayson as shining stars of UMC Osterville.

For many years they have given selflessly of their time, talents, and services to the church community.

Mrs. Grayson has carefully seen to collations following funerals and memorial services. At one time she was in charge of altar flowers. Sandy has been very active in United Methodist Women.

Mr. Grayson was in charge of the men who meet on Mondays (The lend a hands) preserving and improving the church property. He spearheaded the choir seating remodeling that happened three years ago. He has served as chairman of the SPRC , moderator, and lay leader. He coordinates the men who serve a church closers during the year. He has even assisted the pastors during Holy Communion.

Both  have shared their musical talents in both the choir and chimes choir. Both have served as mentors to confirmands.

In closing, Mr. and Mrs. Grayson are more than willing to mentor newcomers to UMC Osterville. They are never judgmental. They do many more things silently as leaders in the church. All should seek to mirror their devotion our community.

While January will see them step back from their involvement(their words) but they will always deserve the thanks and gratitude for their Christian activities. While churchs depend on financial support, the personal talents of people like the Grayson’s really make the church serve others in the area.

Shining stars? Pillars? You bet. And I’ve only seen them in action over the past four years. They have given freely to this church for more than 20 years.”

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