Learning to love like Jesus

What does it look like to love like Jesus?

Could it look like this:two dads, two children connecting while seeking justice for others?

Or maybe this, #EatTogether, the ad campaign of Canadian Company, President’s Choice?

What does it look like to love like the man who healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, saw the overlooked, and truly lifted the hearts, minds, spirits of the depressed, downtrodden?

As we continue to work our way through the sermon on the mount Jesus gives us a little insight.  At first read, it can seem Jesus is inviting us to be doormats:  giving of ourselves until there is nothing left.  But read it again,  and watch how Jesus turns selfless love into an act of changing the world, exchanging hatred and violence for love.  He upends our expectations, yet again, showing a new way, a different way, the way of love.

Seems to me our world could use a different way right now.  The way of love, the way of peace, the way of Jesus.  Let’s learn to love like he did.  Not a passive acceptance of the status quo, but a deep commitment to healing, inclusion, and lifting up our fellow travelers along the way.

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