Tonight is a night of love…

Tonight we observed Maundy Thursday, remembering how Jesus shared his last night with his disciples.  We washed feet and hands.  We heard amazing, soul stirring music from our choir, a soloist, a piano/organ duet.  We shared the last supper.  We stripped the sanctuary to prepare for Good Friday.  It was beautiful, but not in the self-congratulatory way you might imagine.  You see what was beautiful was what was happening in the pews and as people moved through each element of worship.

If you could see this night through my eyes…

You would see pedicures and carefully chosen shoes and voluntary vulnerability.

You would see people supporting one another, one difficult step at a time, to receive the blessing of hand washing.

You would see hands extended to help, to receive, to share, to bless, to hug.

You would see eyes twinkling with joy, filled with tears, sharing compassion.

You would see hope and grief, joy and pain.  You would see all that Jesus saw in that night he said goodbye to his disciples.  Holy Thursday…a night to remember, a night of tender beauty, a night of love.

Join us tomorrow at 7pm, to hear again the story of Good Friday.




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