Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, what about Saturday?

Our Good Friday worship has ended.  The church is quiet and still.  And now we wait.

We wait for Sunday, for an empty tomb, for the voices of joyful women.  But not yet.

Now we wait, and wonder, why?  Why did Jesus have to die?

While we wait, we ponder.  What have we learned since that first Good Friday?  Why do we still try to solve anything with violence?

Sunday tells us that violence doesn’t win.  But Saturday reminds us what violence costs.  Violence kills.

So we wait.  We wait for Sunday.  We wait for peace.  We wait, acknowledging the pain in our own hearts, and in the world.  We wait with Syria, and Afghanistan.  We wait with Palestine and Israel.  We wait with Charleston, SC and San Bernadino, CA.  We wait with all who know the cost of violence.  We wait, knowing Sunday is coming.

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