Thank you, not good bye

This Sunday, we’ll take some time to celebrate the ministry of the Rev. Dr. Ed Deyton as he retires for the fourth time.  Ed has served in a variety of churches and settings, but we’re particularly grateful for his time here, among us, at the United Methodist Church of Osterville.  Ed will remain connected to our community, but he will pass the baton of musical leadership on to Erin Eno, our Director Of Music.  So this is thank you, not goodbye.

Personally, I’m grateful for his gentle mentoring during a time of transition.  I’ve so appreciated his insight into the traditions, systems and people of our church.  His music, which he has shared in a variety of ways, has delighted and challenged me, sometimes simultaneously.

I have also appreciated his harmonica lessons.  I had hoped to send him off with a special number, but my skills aren’t quite there yet.  So, instead, I’ll say thank you for sharing your gifts, perspective, songs and humor.  Now back to practicing my harmonica.

I wonder, what will Ed retire from next?

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