How do we pray for our leaders?

This Sunday, we’ll be celebrating a baptism.  We’ll be publicly welcoming a child into the body of Christ, the family of God, and the community of faith.  And we’ll be proclaiming what God has known since God knit this beloved child together, “You are God’s beloved child, and there is nothing you can do about it.”  We believe baptism is God’s gift, given freely to all, without exception.

Then, we’ll share communion together, sharing grace and love with one another.  We will proclaim God’s love through history, for creation, and for each of us.  We will remind one another, in story and song, that the gift of the meal indeed the gift of grace is given freely, to all, without exception.

It’s pretty easy to be the Body of Christ during a baptism.  And Communion, as long as directions are clear, is pretty easy too.  It feels good to spend a moment bearing witness to grace and love.  It is fairly easy, in moments of cozy joy and celebration to believe even proclaim that all are welcome.

But what about when we leave the table?  What about when the water dries?  When we begin to look around and realize, we’re all children of God, yes, but that might be the only thing we agree on.

Well then the work begins…

and it is messy

and it is sometimes hard

and sometimes we disagree–and that is uncomfortable at best, and sometimes it’s worse.

This week we share two free gifts of God’s amazing grace before we even move to our challenge of the day–“How do we pray for our leaders in such a time as this?”  It might be easier to stay at the coziness of God’s table, but our work is just beginning.  How do we, the people of the United Methodist Church of Osterville pray for our leaders when we have so many varied thoughts, perspectives, and views about our leaders?

How can we not?  We have been bathed in grace and fed by grace, and called to pray with our lips, our hearts, our minds, and yes our hands and feet.

I’ll see you on Sunday,

Pastor Heather


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