A seed is planted.  The sun shines and warms the soil.  And the seed opens and begins to grow becoming food or flower, tree or bush.  Or it does not.  If the seed does not open it becomes a rock, a lump, a bit a mush.

If a seed does not open, the effort is not entirely wasted.  Instead of beautiful flower or delicious red apple, instead of food for the hardworking gardener it becomes food for the soil: worms and bacteria.

And so I imagine it is with us.  If we are open to new experiences and difference, we grow. If we are open to one another, we can bring not just our strengths but our weaknesses too, which are sometimes the greater gift.  If I share my hurt, I allow someone to comfort me.  If I acknowledge my lack of know-how, ability, or experience I invite someone else to shine as the expert.

And if we are shut off, refusing to open to God or others, do we like the seed become food for the worms? Well yes, but that’s the future for all of us, no matter how open we are.  So why bother?

I think it is in the being open that we discover the joy and the meaning of living.  If we are open we can bring beauty, love, joy and nourishment to the world.

As for our closed off times, the times we shut our eyes, ears and hearts to the love and beauty all around us?  Perhaps that’s the time God holds us closest of all, gently warming our hardened hearts with the breath of life itself, whispering with love like that old Mervyn’s commercial, “Open, Open, Open.”

I’ll see you on Sunday, as we consider together, how is God calling us to Open?

Pastor Heather

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