Planting with God

This Sunday, our summer series, “A Future with Hope” continues. We’ve pondered the potential of a dry seed.  We’ve watched the wonder of a seed opening, reaching simulataneously for the depths and the light.  Now that our seed has root and leaves, it is time to plant.  I thought germination was incredible but what happens next is amazing too.  This small, seemingly frail plant will grow, becoming flower, food, and even tree!

The success of our seedlings is dependent on so many factors: the fertility of the soil, the right amount of water and sunlight, weather, temperature, and more.  There is some preparation that can be done by the gardener, but some of it is entirely out of their hands.  It’s a balance of hard work, hope and faith.

Such is the work of the church.  We continually prepare the soil for the next generation.  We work on our own growth as disciples of Jesus, while inviting others to grow with us.  We offer the resources that we can to support growth at every age and level of spirituality from seeker to full-on disciple.  As our baptism liturgy says, we commit ourselves to nurture the soul of every child of God, to “increase their faith, confirm their hope, and perfect them in love.”  Are we ready?

This Sunday, we have not one but three baptisms.  Isn’t that wonderful?  Talk about hope!  Two families have chosen our church in which to raise their children, in which to grow themselves. It’s an incredible honor and a major responsibility.  Two families have decided that here, a the United Methodist Church of Osterville, they will learn with us what it means to follow Jesus.  Are we ready?

I’ll see you on Sunday,

Pastor Heather


PS.  For you, the Garden Song, a song of hope, from the singer of hope: Pete Seeger.

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