25 years of hospitality and faithful witness

Twenty-five years ago, our church courageously stepped out in faith to proclaim the wide welcome of God’s love.  After countless conversations, studies, and prayers, our church voted to become the first Reconciling Congregation in the New England Annual Conference.   Challenging the exclusive policies of the denomination, the United Methodist Church of Osterville declared, “All are welcome here.”

This weekend we’ll spend two days celebrating that declaration.  On Saturday, we’ll celebrate the last 25 years.  We’ll host the gathering of the Cape Cod Coalition of Welcoming Congregations.  At this Coffee-House Caberet, we’ll give thanks for the work that has already been done.  Join us at 5 pm for dinner, dessert, worship, conversation and special music by singer, Pavia.

Then on Sunday, we’re going to celebrate some more!  As the choir begins their fall season and the Sunday school celebrates Rally Day, we have so much to look forward to.  We look forward to another year of beautiful music.  We look forward to another year inviting our youth and children to grow in love with God.  And we’ll begin our work of looking into the next 25 years of Reconciling Ministries.  Steve Dry will be our guest preacher, inviting us to hear a familiar story of fish and bread in a new way.   How will God invite us to widen our welcome even further?  How will Jesus call us to lean into the opportunity of reaching further in love?

Join us in celebrating the faithful witness of those who stepped out in faith twenty five years ago.  Join us in celebrating the faithful witness of those who will take the next steps.  Join us in listening for God’s call.

Pastor Heather

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