It’s not fair! It’s grace.

To be Methodist is to know something about grace.  John Wesley was quite verbose when it came to the grace and love of God.  In our hymnal, in our discipline, in our theology you’ll catch a glimpse of prevenient grace, justifying grace, and sanctifying grace.  We sing, preach and pray about the amazing, life-changing grace of God.  And we mean it, too, don’t we?

But what about those moments when God’s grace is given to someone who doesn’t deserve it?  You know who I mean.   What about the guy who tailgates aggressively, making rude gestures until you get out of the way?  Or, the person with 22 items in the express lane?  Or people who don’t return library books, on purpose?  Or, the guy who tried to scam my grandmother, pretending to be my cousin?  Are they in-line for the same grace you and I give thanks for?

“It’s not fair!” cries our inner 4-year-old.

And aren’t you glad it isn’t?  What if we had to deserve or earn our grace?  Who among us would be worthy?  I surely don’t want to list out the ways I missed the mark today.  I am a work in progress, grateful each day for the gift of grace.

This Sunday, we’ll hear again the irksome story of the vineyard workers who were paid…fairly? unfairly?  extravagantly? wastefully?  Hmmm…it’s all in the eye of the beholder, isn’t it?

I’ll see you on Sunday.

Pastor Heather


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