We’re gonna need a bigger table

In 2008, just shortly after the birth of my eldest child, our family moved from California to Massachusetts. The goodbyes started from the moment I announced the change of appointment in January all the way through June when we actually packed up the car and drove across the country.  We said goodbye to the church, the community, our favorite restaurants and even our local radio station.  One, of many particularly poignant goodbyes was to say goodbye to a clergy group that had supported one another through the joys and challenges of our early ministry.  As we said goodbye to one another, we shared communion, one more time.  They reminded me, that while three thousand miles of geography might separate us, at the table of God, we were present to one another in the sharing of bread and cup.  They were present in the remembering of Christ and the sharing of Grace.

When I come to the table of God, I am mindful that I am not there alone.  I am surrounded and connected across time and space with those who also feast.  I am surrounded and connected across diversity of theological perspective and location.  It’s a full table and in the wideness of God’s hospitality, there’s always room for more.

This Sunday, we celebrate World Communion Sunday.  As we feast at God’s table, we remember that it’s not our table.  At God’s table, all are welcome, across denominational lines. In fact, God’s grace crosses all those lines we might use to divide us and them, in and out, for us and against us.  At God’s table, we are one, coming to the table to feast and remember with Christ.

I’ll see you on Sunday,

Pastor Heather

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