Joy is like the rain.

Remember the singing nuns, the Medical Mission Sisters singing, “I saw raindrops on my window, joy is like the rain.”

I saw rain drops on my window, joy is like the rain
Laughter runs across my pane, slips away and comes again
Joy is like the rain

I saw clouds upon a mountain, joy is like a cloud
Sometimes silver, sometimes gray, always sun not far away
Joy is like a cloud

I saw Christ in wind and thunder, joy is tried by storm
Christ asleep within my boat, whipped by wind, yet still afloat
Joy is tried by storm

I saw rain drops on a river, Joy is like the rain
Bit by bit the river grows, till all at once it overflows
Joy is like the rain

The song was written by Miriam Therese Winter.  You can see her telling her story of writing the song here.  It was not written from an easy, happy, shiny place, but rather anger, frustration, and some disappointment. Joy can come from unexpected places.

One of these unexpected places we find joy is in generosity.  Ok, maybe that isn’t surprising, but specifically financial generosity can be truly joyful.  Sadly, joy and stewardship are so rarely connected.  We treat giving to the church like mandatory, obligatory, drudgery rather than an opportunity to party, give thanks, and celebrate.  Too often stewardship season becomes a season to stay home, rather than a time of joyful celebration.

But what if … what if giving could be an act of joy?  This Sunday, we’re going to celebrate.  We’ll sing our joy, give our joy, share our joy.  As our stewardship sermon series concludes, we might just be “Launched into Joy!”  Come and find out what it’s all about!

I’ll see you on Sunday,

Pastor Heather

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