Saints among us…

Who are the saints?

Saints are people who have known the grace and love of God.  Saints are people who bring out the beauty of God’s world and God’s people. And sometimes, saints are the ones who name the ugliness of the world, calling us to notice and resist. Saints are the beatified and the barely known.  Saints are every day, ordinary people who make a difference in my life and in yours.

Who are the saints?

Who taught you that you are loved and beloved?  Who showed you what that love looks like, feels like,  sounds like, even tastes like?  Who molded you, shaped you, loved you, challenged you?

Who are the saints?

In my life, they’re too many to count.  My parents, oh my parents, in so many different ways. The taught me love can sound like John Denver and taste like lasagne, or maybe cappuccino.   My sister is one of my saints too, with her strength, courage, deep resilience and indefatigable humor, but don’t you dare tell her.  My college roommate who reminded me how to jump in puddles, delight in play, and the wonder of “gone fishing.”  She taught me how to create Sabbath in the middle of everything, though we never called it that.

The saints in my life are people who know me well, but some too, I only knew a moment.  A woman who received communion with such reverent awe and evident gratitude it moved me to tears.  I didn’t know her name, but I knew she knew grace.  Prophets and preachers, writers and teachers, grandparents and children, tireless volunteers, mentors, and guides, and friends.  And my children, oh my children, they teach me so much, about the wonder and grace of God, the gift of now.

Who are the saints?

This Sunday, we’ll pause to name the saints of our lives, living and dead.  We’ll sing of the saints, and we’ll feast at God’s table, remembering and celebrating those who have been there before and those who will feast there after us.  And we’ll say thank you to God for people who bless and challenge us.

I’ll see you on Sunday,

Pastor Heather


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