I like …

Sometimes at dinner, we play the “I like game.”  Originally you just named three things you liked.  Now, whoever starts the game sets the parameters.  Name three things you’re grateful for, or three things that weren’t awful today, or three funny things that happened.

Inevitably, it starts slowly.  The first person asked, thinks for a moment, reviewing their day, remembering something good.  And then, it picks up as each person thinks, yeah I like that too.  It becomes a call and response of gratitude.

In the earliest days, it went like this.

“I like chocolate.”  (Me too)  “I like jumping in leaf piles.”  (Me too)

“I like playing games.”  (Me too)  “I like hugs.”  (Me too)

“And I like cuddling, and mommy, and daddy, and the cats, and the sky, and playing Minecraft, and going sledding, oh and the fire too.”  The snowball of all the good you could say in one breath.  (Me too)

I’ve been moved, and saddened, by the depth and breadth of the #metoo campaign, as women have shared their stories of sexual assault and harassment.  The stories and the sharing have started slowly, as a courageous woman says, “I have been objectified.”  (Me too).  And another shares, “I have been harassed.”  (Me too)  I see in these stories deep courage, and deep pain, and a deep yearning for something different, now and for the generations to come.

Our words matter.  You know that.  It matters that we notice and give thanks: for chocolate and all things delicious, for a job well done, for the people we love, for all that is right, and good, and holy in the world.  And it matters that we speak up for justice, for peace, for anyone oppressed, for love.   It matters that we name the pain and the suffering and that we name the good stuff too.  Not to hide the bad, or pretend it’s all good, but to tell the truth.  It matters that we remind one another, we’re on this journey together.   I love this wild, amazing, blessed world (me too).  Sometimes it hurts to live here. (Me too).

This Sunday, we’ll be giving thanks for God’s blessings from morning till night, the blessings of sunrises, midday naps, and hard days and boring days and God’s presence in it all–the joy, the pain, the learning, the suffering, all of it.  We’ll give thanks for the humanly divine and divinely human who walk alongside us, murmuring me too, me too, me too.

See you on Sunday,

Pastor Heather



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