Angels Among us

When the angels show up in the stories of scripture, they tend to have a pretty standard opening line, “Do Not Be Afraid.”

I’m guessing they have a good reason.

Their messages tend to be short and powerful (a favorite combination).  More than that their messages are life-changing, or maybe more accurately, warn that a life change is coming. “You will have a son…he will make ready a people”  “You will have a son…He will be the son of God.”  “You will name him Jesus.”  “Your savior has been born.”

Advent begins on Sunday, and we’ll move through the season following the work of Marcia Mcfee, Angels Among Us.  Each week, we’ll be listening closely to the messages of the angels.  We’ll light candles and sing Advent Songs and Christmas Carols. We’ll be seeking #more hope, #more peace, #more joy, #more love. And we’ll become messengers too, as we discover how to share these messages of hope, peace, joy and love in the world!

I’ll see you on Sunday as we kick off another Advent journey!

Pastor Heather

PS.  Did you know?  Advent begins a new year in the life of the church.  If you’ve been away from church for awhile, this is the perfect time to come back.  If you haven’t seen someone for a while, why not invite them to sit with you this week?  Better yet, why not save them a seat and then take them out to brunch after worship?  Let’s share #morehope, #morepeace, #morejoy, and much, much #morelove.

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