What do you need?

“I’m well!  I’m well!”  After two weeks with the flu, I’m back.  If you’ve seen me this week, it’s pretty likely I’ve bored you some version of how good it feels to feel good again.  It’s nothing spectacular, it’s just nice to get back to the ordinary.  Oh, the joy of going to the dump and not needing a nap to recover.   For two weeks, I needed rest and fluids.  Now, I need to do laundry (and lots of it) and pick up the tasks left undone as I return to the usual routine.

Our gospel lesson this week is the story of Jesus healing Simon’s mother-in-law, who immediately gets up to fix dinner. Scholars, preachers, and teachers have imagined many stories to explain why her response to a healing miracle is dinner.  Is she getting up to serve because she needs to or because she wants to?  Can it be both?  What does she need?  Does she need to fulfill an obligation, or simply to give what she can to the one who has healed her?

As fun as it might be to imagine why she responded as she did, we’re going to take a look at Jesus’ response to the healing.  What does Jesus need after the healing?  It appears he needs alone time with God.  He goes off to be by himself, to pray.  What does Jesus need to do all the things he does in his ministry?  He needs time with God and finds the strength, stamina, courage, and compassion to carry on.

What do you need from God: healing, rest, renewal, wisdom, peace?  This Sunday, we’ll look inward to see the needs of our heart.  And we’ll look to God, to meet those needs.

I’ll see you on Sunday.

Pastor Heather

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