Finding a Word…Listening to the text

Our Lenten Journey continues.  We’re using Marcia McFee’s series, “Listen: Hearing that still, small voice and finding your own.”   I don’t know about you, but this series has invited me to slow down, pay attention, breathe, and really, really listen.

And in listening, I’m noticing stuff… and not all of it am I glad to find.

I’m noticing the pace of my life, my work, my mind, my words.  We’re beginning our worship with quiet reflection, before the start of our liturgy.  As I sit, I’m noticing how prone I am to let my mind, and my body, race, here and there in those last precious moments.  While silence is often a meaningful practice for me, on Sunday, it feels more complicated.

I’m noticing the tension between my desire to greet God and to greet God’s people.  My natural inclination is to be at the door to sanctuary offering greetings.  It’s fun!  Lent has offered me the opportunity to ponder.  Is hospitality always so extraverted?  Can we create warmth and welcome with silent invitation?   What does it mean to create welcome for quiet reflection and contemplation?

I’m noticing my reliance on words.  My unintentional model has somehow become there’s no problem that more words can’t help.  Instructions, explanations, invitations, justifications, apologies, excuses, rationalizations, for me all rely on words.  If I want to learn something new, I read about it first, or let someone explain it to me, and then I try it.  For me, it’s words first, then actions.   To understand myself, I turn to journaling, more words on the page.  I even turn to words for fun and beauty (a good novel, movie, poetry).  I don’t know if this is good, bad, or just the way it is.  I’m noticing…

This Sunday we’ll ponder together God’s word, “Finding a Word: Listening to the Texts.”    The Bible is full of words.  One source suggested the King James has 783,137 words.  You can count if you want, I’m going to take their word for it.  How can we determine which words are meaningful?  How do we listen for God’s word in the midst of so many words?  Let’s wrestle with that as we listen together, this Sunday.

I’ll see you on Sunday,
Pastor Heather

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