Finding Your Power: Listening for Healing

Is there anything that leaves you feeling more helpless than being really, really sick?  The only thing worse is when your children are really, really sick or in pain that you cannot ease.  Ok, maybe ranking our moments of despair isn’t all that helpful.   But, consider for just a moment the times you’ve felt helpless, hopeless, alone.  No matter the cause, in times like that, my prayers become simple, direct, and often, mono-syllabic, “Please? Please! Please…”

What does it mean when we pray, and we don’t get better?  Is it lack of faith?  Is it lack of quantity or quality of prayer?  Why do some get the miracles and others just wait, as if no one is listening?  I don’t know.  I don’t know why some are apparently cured while others suffer.  I don’t know, but I trust.  I trust that miracle or not,  God is right there in the midst.  In the suffering, in the pain, in the yearning, in the pleading, in the disappointment, grief and anger, God is there.

This week we ask,what does it mean to say “prayer works”?  Or for that matter, how can we know we’re being heard?

I’ll see you on Sunday,

Pastor Heather


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