Following Jesus…

This Sunday we begin another Marcia McFee worship series, Discipleship by the Sea.  Throughout the summer, we’ll work our way through the gospel of Mark.  Mark is the shortest of the four gospels and the story moves quickly.  We’ll follow Jesus from his baptism and as he travels from town to town.  We’ll watch as he performs healings and miracles.  We’ll eavesdrop as he preaches to crowds and explains himself and his ministry to the faithful twelve.  We’ll watch his triumphant entrance to Jerusalem and stay with him through the crucifixion.  We’ll even scratch our heads with the mysterious way Mark ends his story of good news.

This Sunday, we witness the baptism of Jesus and his calling of the first four disciples.  What made them drop everything and follow?  We’ve had thousands of years to heed his call, and still, we struggle.  These four fishermen just left their lives behind to follow.  Why?  What was it about Jesus that created such urgency and immediacy of response? Let’s discover that together, verse by verse, chapter by chapter, again and again.

I’ll see you on Sunday,

Pastor Heather

PS.  Dive deeper into the gospel of Mark.  As we work through the gospel, we’re also offering a Wednesday night 6pm, Bibles on the Beach. Each week we’ll explore one thing about Mark: one word, one verse, one chapter, one parable, one character and so on, though not necessarily in that order.  Bring your Bible and something to sit on to Dowses Beach, in Osterville.  We’ll be within sight of the big red umbrella.


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