To the sea…

There is something special about being next to the water.  It reminds us that we are small, in the very best way, in the vast beauty of creation.  There is solace in the sounds of the waves and the feel of breeze.  And, this time of year, the feel of the water, soothing both body and soul.

When we were looking to purchase a home, our realtor wisely took us first to Dowses Beach, to see the water.  While I was anxious: to see what was available, to see what would become our new community, our realtor was calm and assured.  The first thing he did was pause.  He reminded us, no matter what we saw or didn’t see that day, to remember the sea.  “Remember this.  No matter where you live, this is here.”  As we drove away from the sand and water, we discussed the power of water to remind us who and whose we are.

Perhaps that is why Jesus spent so much time next to the sea.  Did it soothe his soul, as well as his disciples and the crowds that followed?  As people brought their deepest needs to him, they gathered in crowds.  Can you imagine the anxiety in waiting your turn, not knowing what to expect, what he would do, how he would be changed?   Can you imagine the depth of surprise as people found Jesus had so much more to offer?

This Sunday, we again meet Jesus by the sea.  This time, he’s surrounded by a crowd, hungry for healing.  What are you hungry for?   What are you seeking:  healing, inner peace, hope, comfort, answers?  Let’s join the crowd, bringing Jesus our deepest needs, and allow him to change our hearts, and live.

I’ll see you on Sunday,

Pastor Heather

Looking for an excuse to spend time by the sea?  Join us Wednesdays at 6pm, at Dowses Beach, for Bibles at the Beach.  We’re working our way through the gospel of Mark.

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