Every Sunday is Easter Sunday!

As a kid, I remember our church choir singing, “Every Sunday is Easter Sunday from now on!” I did not receive this news with joyful anticipation. Rather, at the time, I thought, “Does that mean I have to wear my Easter outfit, every Sunday?  Hat and tights too?!”

This Sunday, our journey through the gospel of Mark takes us to the end of the gospel.  We jump all the way to the end, or maybe it’s the beginning, of the story.  Jesus is not dead.  Jesus, the crucified is risen and has gone on to Galilee, just as he said.  It’s a powerful story, a story of hope and promises kept.

It feels out of season, to hear this story at the end of the summer.  No Easter lilies, no Easter dresses, no Holy Week observances.  But maybe, just maybe, hearing it at a new time of year will help us to hear it in a new light, or as if for the very first time.

Come, hear the story again, of Jesus’ promise to return, and how he lives into that promise.  Come, encounter the Risen One, for every Sunday is Easter Sunday.

I’ll see you on Sunday,

Pastor Heather

PS. Just for fun, here’s a church choir singing, “Every morning is easter morning from now on.”  I didn’t remember the words quite right, but it should get stuck in your head all the same.


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