This week, the word of the day is Love, and it’s a really good word.  It encompasses so much in just four letters.  With some simple modification this noun and/or verb, can become adjective and adverb.  It can comfort, challenge, excite and inspire.  The word can raise your heart beat and soothe the soul.  It’s a good word, a powerful word, a transformational word.

Love. Consider all the people, places and things you love.  Consider the breadth, depth, and extravagance of God’s grace and love.55-19168-il_fullxfull-1409265151

Loved.  Ponder how very loved you are, by people and by God.

Loving.  Try to wrap your head around how  many ways God’s love is lived in the world. Try to number the ways you have expressed love for another person just in the last week–a hug, a gift, a blanket, food, notes, and on and on and on.

Love.  It’s a good word. And as good as it is as a word, it’s even better when it’s expressed, lived, shared.  This Sunday, we’ll sing love, pray as act of love, share love and more.  We’ll express our love for God and one another in word, welcome and more.  I hope you’ll be there!

I’ll see you on Sunday,

Pastor Heather


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