Choose Another Way

This Sunday, we celebrate Epiphany, the arrival of the wise ones bearing gifts for Jesus.  It’s one of those stories that we think we know better than we do.  The questions the text raises are many:

How many wise ones were there?  Where did they come from?  How old were they?  Were they all men? What did Mary and Joseph think when they showed up?  How long did they stay?  And what did Jesus think of those strange gifts?  What would a 2 year old do with a gift of myrrh?  What happened in their dream that they knew Herod was up to no good?  And what did they discover as they journeyed home by another way?

The story invites us leave behind our preconceptions and traditions, and hear it another way.  It invites us to listen as ones who are waiting for a sign, a light in the darkness.  It invites us to ponder, how might God be calling us to live or journey in another way?

With the celebration of Epiphany we begin a new Worship series, SAD: Spiritual Affective Disorder.  This new series invites us to ponder the darkness and discomfort of the season, and choose practices that lift up and enlighten our spirits.  This Sunday, come and choose another way.

I’ll see you on Sunday,

Pastor Heather


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