Flip the Switch

After the hustle and bustle of Christmas, January can feel a little glum.

With gray skies, and short days, the sun can seem cold and distant.

While it’s a season of new beginnings, it is also a season between, not-quite, not yet…and our spirits can feel lost, beleaguered, dry, weary, and more.  Is it Seasonal Affective Disorder or Spiritual Affective Disorder that leaves us feeling less, less full, less joyful, less connected, less inspired.  Don’t you wish you could flip the switch to brighten the sun and your soul?

I’d love to offer you a solution to the seasonal blues, “in just three easy steps,” but it wouldn’t be true.  Instead, we can find together, practices that turn us toward the light and perhaps reinvigorate our souls.  We can choose practices that bring us joy, peace, grace, and time in the presence of God.  Each week, we’ll remember together practices new and familiar to help us reorient ourselves and our spirits, toward the light.  We focus not on our own efforts, goodness, or stamina, but rather on an openness to God’s love.

This week, we celebrate the gift of God’s light to brighten our lives, communities and the world.

I’ll see you on Sunday,

Pastor Heather

1 thought on “Flip the Switch”

  1. Haven’t taken the Christmas tree down yet, or put away any other holiday items! With using Isaiah 60 on my Epiphany letter I feel the gift of God’s light is the extent of my celebration!

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