Change the station

If I am tired and cranky (it happens), and a certain child of mine begins to whine or complain, my response is less than gracious.  But if that same dear child of mine asks to play a song, and if that song is fun and festive, well then, we dance in the kitchen.  Not well, and certainly not gracefully (ask my kids, they’ll tell you it’s not pretty), but oh there is joy and laughter.  In the singing and the dancing, I am transformed, saved you might say, by the power of rhythm, music, and a child’s loving laughter.  A cranky exhausted beast becomes a child again.

Music is powerful.  It can get deep within us to the places logic and reason just don’t reach.  It can make us laugh and cry and tap our toes.  It can inspire and move and comfort and provoke.

This Sunday, as we continue to choose practices that turn us toward the light, we consider the power of music to soothe our soul, change our mood and direction.  We ponder what it might mean to ask God to give us a new song.

I’ll see you on Sunday,

Pastor Heather

What are the songs that stir your soul, quiet your mind, lighten your spirit, draw you into the presence of God, fill you with joy?  Here are just a few of mine…

Or check out a play list of songs of light in darkness here.  What songs would you add?

2 thoughts on “Change the station”

  1. Pastor Heather……..Thank you for brightening my day. It’s had to try and groove out to a Pharrell Williams video in the library,
    but I did it!!!! During my cancer battle, the singer that saved me was Josh Groban. I would sit at the beach and listen to him
    over and over again. I also find that Soundscapes keep me grounded.

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