Acts of Kindness…change the world

Remember last winter, when two storms in a row came through and many of us went without power.  For my family, the first few hours of the first outage were fun, like camping: candlelight and storytelling, lots of blankets and cuddling.  It wasn’t so bad.  But, the fun lessened as the days passed by, and we went without tv, computer, hot water, and glorious heat.

By the third day of the second storm, all the charm had worn off.  We decided to escape the dark and cold for a few hours, and we went out to lunch.  Ah, the wonder of a warm space and hot food.  And it was fun to be out in the community, and hear people sharing stories and comparing their particular struggles in the power outage.  And then, the waitress brought us our bill.  “Your meal has been paid for.”

Surprise! Wonder!  Warmth (inside and out)!  A gift, a treat, a treasure! In the midst of the dark and cold, a glimpse of light! On our ride home, we were transformed. A gift of generosity that warmed us, fed us, sustained us.  Now when our family remembers those storms, one after another, what first comes to mind isn’t the deprivation, but the gift of a hot meal.

Acts of kindness are powerful and transformational.  They can surprise and delight, uplift and restore.  This Sunday, we’ll explore how offering kindness to others isn’t just nice or biblical, it’s life and even world changing.  Offering kindness is just one more way we choose the light, and lift our spirits.large_buscaglia_quote

I’ll see you on Sunday,

Pastor Heather

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