What do you really, really need?

The Lord is my shepherd…

So often when we hear the 23rd psalm we are mentally transported to funerals and death vigils where we’ve heard this psalm.  Powerful memories of comfort, often in the midst of deep pain, grief, and loss.

Once upon a time, during worship, in an effort to help us hear beyond our memories of this familiar and often funereal text, I invited the congregation to “play madlibs” as we re-translated this familiar psalm together.  It was a child’s interpretation that has stuck with me.  Forgive my faulty memory, but it went something like this,  “God is my daddy.   He holds me on his lap…He feeds me chocolate cake.”

It was the chocolate cake that sparked something in me.  Her image of God wasn’t a distant patriarch on a magnificent and untouchable throne.  Her image of God was close, present, protective, safe, affectionate, and shared the most decadent of desserts.  Her reverent re-imagining opened up something in me.  It invited me to hear beyond the still waters, green pastures, and over-flowing cup.  What did I really, really need from God?  What did soul-filling rest, restoration and joyful celebration look like to and for me?

This Sunday, we’ll hear the traditional psalm together, as we consider together what it means to pause, to rest, and reconnect with one another, and with God.  What does it mean to sit with God awhile beside still waters or to sit with God at a sumptuous dinner party?

I’ll see you on Sunday,

Pastor Heather


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