Drawn In…Creativity celebrated!

When I was a kid, on a free Saturday, our parents would take us to Alexandria, VA.  The day would be filled with wandering around the Torpedo Factory, used bookstores, new coffee shops, and hole-in-the-wall, quirky, often international restaurants.

The Torpedo Factory is “home to the nation’s largest collection of working-artists’ open studios under one roof.”   Once a munitions plant, it is now home to the work of creativity.  Wander around and you’ll see all kinds of galleries.  More exciting, you’ll see artists creating right in front of you: painting, sculpting, blowing glass, making jewelry, and any number of things I had never, ever seen before.  To wander from studio to studio is an exploration of the joy, beauty, frustration and work of creativity.  In fact, I think those tours of Alexandria were in themselves a celebration of creativity: art, books, a beautiful and delicious cappuccinos, and food from around the world.  Those days left my head and heart filled, my feet tired, and warm, rosy memories!

This Summer, our new worship series, Drawn In, will be a celebration and exploration of creativity both divine and human.  For those of you paying attention to such things, it’s another Marcia McFee series.  I pray it will spark your creativity and your openness to the creative spirit of God.

This Sunday, we’ll ponder together God’s dream for the world, as Jesus launches his ministry from his home church.  Could any of his neighbors have dreamed of what Jesus would become, how he would change the world?  Did Mary?

I’ll see you on Sunday.


Pastor Heather

PS.  This Sunday we begin our outdoor worship at 8:30.  Celebrating the gift of creativity, in the midst of God’s beautiful creation.  Doesn’t get much better than that!  Except maybe worship at 10am, when we’ll be giving thanks for Willis Carrier, the inventor of air conditioning.  Whatever time you choose to worship with us, we’ll give thanks for creativity in it’s many forms!


2 thoughts on “Drawn In…Creativity celebrated!”

  1. As always you do not disappoint! I am so glad you write when you can but you leave me wanting more!! I believe you should write a book!! Happy Independence Day to you all!


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